The Frysta Blast Freezer is the only available blast chiller designed for home use. Other chillers are intended solely for commercial food service operations and thus are much bigger, much heavier, and much more expensive.
Its modern design with touch panel user control is also environment-friendly, using the advanced refrigerant R290. It has excellent thermal performance with its rapid chilling and temperature holding capability, and its design is auto-defrosting and self-evaporating to avoid clean-up





Price dose not include VAT
Typically ships in 1-2 bussiness days (For in – stock items)
Free delivery & installation within Hồ Chí Minh City
Parts warranty: 12 months
Labour warranty: 12 months
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 0938 174 345 ( Zalo, WhatsApp, Telegram )

Model: BF 200
Capacity: 3 x GN 1/2 (325×265 mm)
Cooling temperture range: +90 °C to +3 °C within 90 min
Freezing temperture range: +90 °C to -18 °C within 240 min
Temperature control type: Digital
Electric power: 280 W
Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
Dimension: 630W×585D×475H (mm)
Colour: Silver
Refrigerant: R-290
Weight: 39 kg
Manufacturer: VESTA PRECISION (Brand USA)
Made in CHINA


‘• Blast Cooling: Quickly chill cooked food from 90°C/194°F to 3°C/37°F within 90 minutes to reduce the amount of time the food is in the critical temperature zone of 5 to 63 °C (41 to 145 °F) .
• Blast Freezing: One button press to reduce the temperature of the food item from 90°C/194°F to -18°C/0°F within 240 minutes. This program works on both cooked food and raw food.
• Temperature Probe: The integrated temperature probe allows you to see the temperature inside your food item as the process runs.
• Stylish Stainless Steel: With good looks and easy-to-clean stainless steel, the Frysta will look good in your kitchen while it cools and freezes.

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