Cake cabinets are indispensable equipment when doing business

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Opening a cake shop is indispensable for a birthday cake cabinet.

If you want your cake to always be delicious, soft and not dry, you need a cake display cabinet. Birthday cake display cabinet can keep cakes for  7 – 10 days.

The cake display refrigerator creates the most ideal cooling environment.

To preserve cakes, temperature is the most important factor. Each type of cake needs a different temperature: the cream cake needs a temperature of  2-6 degrees Celsius. The salted egg sponge cake should be kept at the threshold of  10 degrees Celsius. The best cream puffs are at  8-10 degrees Celsius. Running a cake shop you can’t ignore this.

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Ice cream cake is the most difficult cake to preserve. The ingredients are easy to ferment, if left at room temperature for too long, there will be an extra layer of fresh cream covering the surface.
I want this layer of cream to look the best and not melt. We must store them in cold temperatures.
In Vietnam, it was very difficult to enjoy cake before. Now with the advent of  cake display cabinets, this type of cake has become much more popular.

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Ice cream cake display refrigerator  using smart cooling technology. 100% pure copper indoor unit.
Refrigeration block of  Grand  brand from Korea provides fast, even and stable cooling effect.
The smart temperature display clock is easy to adjust, and at the same time controls the temperature in the cabinet.
Cakes are always kept in a completely sealed insulated glass cabinet. Prevents the invasion of bacteria, while limiting heat loss and waste to the outside causing electricity consumption.

The birthday cake storage fridge creates a modern, luxurious and attractive space

In the past, the designs of  cake cabinets  were often quite cumbersome. Their size is too big to take up a lot of space.
With the current improvement, the new cabinet designs are much more compact. The design is diverse, suitable for displaying cakes, from small areas to luxurious or simple cafes.
The design advantage of the  Birthday cake cabinet  Grand  must include its simplicity and sophistication. Every detail is geared towards the comfort and convenience of the user.
The cabinet frame is made of square glass and curved glass – the latest trends in the world today. Glass is clad on all sides to increase display efficiency. Customers and employees can easily observe the cakes inside.
Sliding rear glass door makes it easy to get the cake. Bounded with rubber gaskets to reduce friction and minimize the loss of cold heat to the outside.
The cold block is neatly arranged at the bottom, helping to stand firmly. Easy to move with convenient wheel system.

Grand ice cream cake display fridge to save maximum cost for customers

The price of the cake cabinet  is currently quite high, not everyone can afford to own a really quality cabinet.
Therefore, many people find themselves cheap cabinets or buy used cabinets. However, cheap or old cabinets often have a short lifespan, are easily damaged, and the cooling efficiency is not high.


Grand refrigerator is a line of high-class imported cabinets, which is superior to domestic processed cabinets in both design and quality.
The cost of the cabinets will certainly be a bit higher, but the effect they bring is completely worth what we spend.
The cabinet life is large so we can exploit all the features, their use is long-lasting, it is extremely economical compared to having to buy many cheap cabinets.

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