Roller Grill professional crepe makers are designed for cooking traditional sweet crepes, buckwheat “galettes”, pancakes, blini and also Indian tempura, Indonesian chapatis etc.
Simply grease the electric crepe machine between each baking to get a light and well-golden crepe, perfectly honeycombed, without caramelization or glazing effect.





Price dose not include VAT
Typically ships in 1-2 bussiness days (For in – stock items)
Free delivery & installation within Hồ Chí Minh City
Parts warranty: 12 months
Labour warranty: 12 months
Email: sales@katec.com.vn
Hotline: 0938 174 345 ( Zalo, WhatsApp, Telegram )

Model: CFE400
Power: 3.6 kW
Voltage: 220V-50Hz
Dim: 400Wx200 mmH
Net weight: 18 kg
Manufacturer: ROLLER GRILL
Made in  FRANCE


* With the professional electric crepe maker of high performance, the turn-key crepe solution is very profitable!
* With the professional electric crepe maker CFE 400, the crepe kit CK 3 (2 spatulas, 2 “T” wooden, 1 greasing pad) and a batch of crepe batter mix, start your profitable business of crepes and pancakes in just a few days !
* Thanks to the enamelled cast-iron crepe maker CFE 400, the gains are significant:
* Real energy saving: Cook your crepes at 200-220 ° C instead of 240 ° C usually recommended on classic cast-iron plates!
* Time saving and guaranteed yield for an excellent cooking result: Cook your crepes in 1 minute instead of the usual 2 minutes and 30 seconds: 60 crepes per hour instead of 26 to 30 on a simple classic crepe maker.
* The enamelled cast-iron crepe maker CFE 400 (Ø400 mm) is especially designed for the take-away of crepes or pancakes on the markets (stands, trailers, food trucks), at festivals, carnivals or associative days.
* This professional electric crepe maker CFE 400, very compact, can be built-in into a worktop and easily transported thanks to its small footprint.

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