Industrial kitchen

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Industrial kitchen

In developed countries, kitchens or canteens in hotels, hospitals, workplaces, schools or military camps are subject to public health legislation. Kitchens in these places will be periodically checked by medical staff, and if they do not meet hygiene requirements, the kitchens and kitchens of these places must be closed.

Professional kitchens are often equipped with gas ovens so that while cooking can adjust the temperature faster and easier than using an electric oven.

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Definition of industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchen can simply be understood as a place where food is processed in large quantities in a short period of time to serve many users in places such as restaurants, cafeterias, canteens at factories, schools, etc. …v.

These food processing and serving establishments must strictly comply with regulations on food hygiene and safety.

These stages of food processing for the public are divided into separate zones, including: Food receiving area, cold room, general food storage, preliminary processing area, cooking area, eye care and food division, dishwashing area.


Industrial kitchen materials must be simplified for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Stainless steel

Is a commonly used material to cover the fixed surface of machinery and equipment. Because the environment in the kitchen is often hot, humid and greasy, equipment made of other materials is prone to rust, dirt and damage quickly.

Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen include:

Stainless steel table, Stainless steel shelf, Stainless steel basin table, Stainless steel car, Stainless steel counter. Industrial kitchens are built with windows and doors isolated from the outside as well as the use of air conditioning will help reduce the risk of food contamination.
When the food processing processes become more complicated, the requirements on food hygiene and safety also become more stringent and the distance between the kitchen and the diners becomes longer.

Areas of the kitchen

  1. Delivery area
  2. Warehouse area
  3. Preliminary processing area
  4. Cooking area
  5. Composing area
  6. Service area
  7. Washing area

Industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial kitchens are divided into five main categories: cooking equipment, preliminary processing equipment, stainless steel kitchen equipment, industrial refrigeration equipment, industrial kitchen electrical equipment.
These devices are used to serve, process, display food or are used to clean food, utensils and dishes in the kitchen.

  1. Cooking Appliances: Equipment that generates heat and steam for heating, cooking and grilling food.
  2. Preliminary processing equipment: used for preliminary processing, cutting, chopping, grinding, and chopping food.
  3. Stainless steel kitchen equipment: stainless steel equipment used in the \
  4. Industrial kitchen area includes: stainless steel table, stainless steel shelf, stainless steel basin table, stainless steel counter, stainless steel car…
  5. Industrial refrigeration equipment: Equipment to keep cold or freeze food for preservation
  6. Electrical equipment for industrial kitchens: Equipment for cooking, baking, keeping food hot by electricity.

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