Luxury restaurant kitchen equipment and professional setup for the kitchen

Currently, in luxury restaurants, the construction of restaurant kitchen systems is developing widely and is very popular.
But the design of a kitchen for a restaurant, according to the standard of a one-way kitchen, still encounters many problems, partly due to the restaurant’s premises, the rest is unknown how to set up.
The most effective solution is to quickly find a design consultant, provide professional and reputable restaurant kitchen equipment and setup in the market.

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How to set up a professional restaurant kitchen

Setting up a restaurant kitchen brings efficiency, safety and convenience in the preparation process. Making dishes is the most important thing in industrial kitchen design.
Therefore, a properly designed industrial kitchen will bring high economic efficiency to investors, chefs and kitchen assistants to complete their kitchen work well.
So how does the setup process restaurant kitchen  take place?

The process of setting up the equipment of the restaurant kitchen

Food processing area

  • Food will be prepared, divided and washed
  • In this area, this area will need the following items:
  • Stainless steel sink: Raw food will be washed clean thanks to the stainless steel sink system.
  • Stainless steel chopping board: With a sturdy design and 5cm thick board underside
  • You can chop bones, cut meat… on the tabletop without fear of being wobbly.
  • Industrial stainless steel table: Table top used to place food, work table, food classification ……
  • Stainless steel shelving system: Reasonable layout
  • This shelf system allows you to store a lot of kitchen tools thanks to its multi-tiered design.
  • Wall mounted stainless steel shelving system
  • Helps save space at the top, mounted within the user’s reach
  • Food storage devices:
  • Industrial freezers, industrial refrigerators help to store food for the next day.
  • In addition, you need to pay special attention to the problem of separating grease before draining the water out
  • If left for a long time, your drainage system will be clogged, and not ensure environmental sanitation.
  • Therefore, under each fish and meat wash basin, there must be a grease trap (fat separator box).
  • Easy to prevent grease and garbage when preparing food again.

The main restaurant kitchen area:

– It is necessary to equip industrial kitchen equipment, in accordance with the needs and menu of the restaurant.
– If the restaurant specializes in serving European-style dishes, you should choose the equipment European industrial kitchen with big brands such as  salva, klob, restoitalia, mbm v.., suitable for your restaurant. .
– If the restaurant specializes in serving Asian dishes, please choose industrial Asian kitchen equipment.
– Or your restaurant, can combine both European and Asian equipment if the restaurant has a variety of menus.
thiết bị bếp nhà hàng
Một góc của khu bếp nhà hàng
Above this hood will be a system of smoke pipes, the kitchen consists of pipes, pipes are connected together and an industrial exhaust fan will bring the kitchen smoke to the outside.
When constructing a smoke extraction system, industrial kitchens need to pay attention to the noise level and smoke extraction ability of the kitchen.

Dishwashing area

– Is the area to wash dishes, bowls, chopsticks …. Dirty this area is the same as the preliminary processing area, including stainless steel sinks, stainless steel shelves to cover dishes and bowls to drain.
– Most of the time, the preliminary processing area and the dishwashing area are divided into the same area.

The secret to owning a professional restaurant kitchen

bếp âu công nghiệp
Thiết bị bếp nhà hàng sang trọng
Opening a restaurant is difficult, but designing, and choosing the industrial kitchen equipment and kitchen for the cooking area is more difficult.
How to design and choose the right products and equipment for the kitchen space to attract chefs with heart. And eye-catching with customers as well as investors themselves.
In order to have a kitchen that attracts a chef with a heart and satisfies everyone’s eyes with the kitchen in their restaurant, what should investors pay attention to?
Choosing restaurant kitchen equipment with synchronous design
Most kitchens these days are quite small. Just cleverly choose versatile products. Installed under cabinet to save space, the kitchen will have all the necessary features.

Choosing high quality restaurant kitchen equipment

  1. The Kitchen Area is the most important area in the process
  2. Kitchen is the heart of a hotel or restaurant.
  3. At this stage, the food after processing
  4. Will be transferred to the waiting table, right within reach of the restaurant chef
  5. The cooking equipment usually includes: European cooker, multi-function steamer
  6. Deep fryer, flat fryer, artificial charcoal grill, fryer, casserole, fryer.
  7. In this kitchen, stainless steel appliances
  8. For this area include sinks, stainless steel racks, stainless steel tables, waiting trolleys…
  9. These devices are designed. Produced to standard sizes and suitable for chefs.
  10. The restaurant cooks European dishes, will be equipped with its own equipment for European dishes.

Choosing a reputable, reputable brand restaurant kitchen equipment unit

– Choosing a large, reputable brand in the market will bring peace of mind about quality when used. You can visit the store, or showroom to choose. Use kitchen equipment and get advice on products suitable for your kitchen.
– When deciding to buy a product, of a brand, users need to pay attention to product quality, support services and after-sales services such as: customer care, annual maintenance and warranty Lifetime for the products.
Choose restaurant kitchen equipment, with modern and safe features
A fully equipped kitchen space, with multi-function appliances not only makes the kitchen luxurious, but also makes housework more convenient.
– Besides, choose the restaurant kitchen equipment that is easy to use and safe. Make sure there are no problems during use such as heat warning, automatic shutdown of the stove, safety lock or appliances using heat-resistant, good-strength tempered glass.
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