The Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Office Automatic Coffee Machine is a premium and quality professional coffee machine with its most groundbreaking style ever. With a capacity of up to 140 espressos/hour, this is truly a super-automatic machine that can do wonders.
Prontobar is a new super automatic coffee machine that Nuova Simonelli introduces to the market segment where high quality products are demanded, especially easy to use and sure, this office coffee machine has direct connection. direct contact with water or a tank and 1 or 2 blenders directly, with automatic bottle connection system to meet different needs.
Claim this office automatic coffee machine is suitable for:
Crowded places: Cafes, restaurants, hotel bars to luxurious areas such as conference rooms, large meeting rooms or in luxurious lounge areas such as airports, waiting houses to meet the needs of customers. fast, convenient demand of users. But must ensure at the same time good quality performance.





Price does not include VAT
Typically ships in 1-2 bussiness days (For in – stock items)
Free delivery & installation within Hồ Chí Minh City
Parts warranty: 12 months
Labour warranty: 12 months
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 0938 174 345 ( Zalo, WhatsApp, Telegram )

Dimension: 330Wx520Dx600 mm
Power: 2.0 kW
Voltage: 220-230V/ 50Hz
Weight: 35 Kg
Boiler Capacity: 2 x 0.7 Liters
Super productivity: up to 140 cup/hour
Material: Stainless Steel & ABS
Color: Black
Versions: 1 mil/ water bottle version
Display: 4-line LCD
Seed container: 1 box/ 0.8 kg
Made in ITALY


• Super automatic design
A super-automatic machine is the pinnacle of efficiency. Nuova Simonelli Prontobar uses the most advanced technologies to create a whole new type of automation. At the push of a button, Prontobar will instantly serve you an espresso at its peak.
The benefits that Prontobar offers to business owners are manifold. Espresso training is reduced from weeks to minutes, production is made faster and easier than ever, and 100% consistency is achieved in every drink made. out.
All of this saves money, time is better spent on customer service, increased sales, and a reputation for a quality product never changes.
• Dual seed compartment
With two compartments, you can equip this machine with two different espressos at once. There are also separate grinders made of special steel for greater durability built right into the machine. That means to make regular decaf and latte will not require two or three devices, but one — Prontobar.
Coffee beans from the hopper are fed directly into the grinder as you begin the extraction process. Part of the Prontobar’s elegance is its premium yet simple design, so it’s no surprise that you can easily tweak the blending process.
• Automatic milking
Getting the perfect milk texture during steaming takes a lot of skill. Because steaming is automated in the Nuova Simonelli Prontobar, that silky, micro-foam creates the perfect coffee or cappuccino no matter the skill level of the operator.

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