What is western kitchen equipment? What is the difference between industrial western kitchen and industrial Asian kitchen?

If you are intending to invest in a restaurant, hotel, industrial kitchen, or restaurant, the choice of equipment, European or Asian kitchen equipment is very important. Each type of kitchen equipment is designed separately, with different functions and uses, suitable for different dishes.
Therefore, understanding which kitchen equipment will be suitable for your business will help you save money, time and effort.
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The basic difference between the two types of European and Asian kitchen equipment is that the kitchen equipment will be designed to suit the cooking style of Asian or European dishes.
For more clarification What is a European Kitchen? What’s the difference from the kitchen?, please read the article below to find the kitchen equipment that best suits your business model.

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What is western kitchen equipment?

The European kitchen is an industrial kitchen device that is widely used in restaurants, hotels, and shops specializing in the preparation of European-style dishes. However, European kitchens are also used a lot in restaurants and hotels along with Asian kitchens, specialized for processing dishes such as soups, soups, deep-fried dishes, pan-frying, etc. The kitchen originates from Europe, Suitable for dishes that require high heat and long processing time.

Some outstanding features of the western kitchen BMB

MBM European cooker is made of high quality stainless steel material, making it durable over time, and easy to clean and wipe after using the product. In addition, the material also ensures food safety and quality standards. The smart 2/4/6 throat design allows chefs to cook a variety of dishes at the same time.

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Modern European kitchen equipment is equipped with automatic ignition system, intelligent fire control system and high quality copper gas valve system, safe for users.
Besides, the kitchen bracket system of the European stove is made of cast iron, so it has very good heat resistance, high durability, and rust resistance. The kitchen frame system is extremely sturdy. The stove is also equipped with a convenient grease tray and is very easy to clean after use.

Similarities with Asian industrial kitchens

  • About materials: both types of industrial kitchen equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they are always shiny, beautiful, easy to clean, ensuring your kitchen is always clean and beautiful.
  • In addition, both of these kitchen appliances have a gas type, so the use is quite easy, and at the same time saves electricity, suitable for places with unstable voltage.
  • Diversity of models: the second common point is the variety of models, sizes of 2 throats, 4 throats, 6 throats, so it is very suitable for restaurants, hotels, large and small industrial kitchens.

The difference from industrial Asian kitchens

Western kitchen equipment:

European dishes often require a long cooking time, but do not require high heat and heat. That’s why, the European kitchen is designed in its own way to suit this cooking style, often used for soups, sauces, sautéing, etc.
European kitchen equipment is divided into two types: stoves with ovens and stoves without ovens. A stove with an oven will cost more, but it is convenient in the process of use if you want to process more baked goods. At that time, European kitchens with ovens both save kitchen space and save costs.
Kitchens are also divided into 2 types: gas stoves or electric stoves. Gas stoves will be cheaper than electric ones, but electric stoves are safer.

Asian industrial kitchen equipment:

Asian dishes are often known for their diversity and richness because of the interference from many different cultures, from Vietnam, China, Korea to Japan, Thailand, etc. The main kitchen is still divided into 3 main types of kitchen, which are stewed kitchens, fryers and stir-fries.

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  • Stew stove: used for boiling, stewing, cooking, stocking, etc. The stew stove is specialized for serving stews with a long processing time, making the food more delicious and the spices will permeate each ingredient evenly. vegetables or fish meat.
  • Fryer: used in deep-fried dishes or deep-fried dishes such as thighs, chicken wings, fried fish, french fries, sausages, etc. Frying dishes with a dedicated fryer will make the food crispy, uniform yellow, delicious color, save cooking oil and not absorb too much oil.
  • Stir-fry stove: The stir-fry stove has a different burner than the European one, suitable for frying and cooking a large amount of Asian dishes in just a short period of time, serving the needs of diners during peak hours.

Address to buy good quality European kitchen, reasonable price?

Hopefully the information in the above article has helped you to have the most objective view of the European kitchen and the difference from the Asian kitchen. Hope you will make the most accurate, correct and cost-effective choice of kitchen equipment for your business unit.
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