What is an industrial refrigerator? What’s the difference from a residential refrigerator?

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What is an industrial refrigerator?

Industrial refrigerators can be understood as refrigerating, regenerating and maintaining low and stable temperatures with a special design along with a large capacity compressor to help the refrigerator always achieve stability with frequency of use. high. With a special design and a cooling, cooling or freezing system to help preserve food for longer and still retain its freshness.


Tủ lạnh công nghiệp 2, 4 cánh
Tủ lạnh công nghiệp 2, 4 cánh

What’s the difference from a residential refrigerator?

Difference from intended use

Today, the refrigerator is an indispensable kitchen appliance in the home environment. Refrigerators are usually designed to hold enough food to meet the needs of the family.

Tủ đông 2 cửa kính nhỏ dạng đúng model KF25-2G
Tủ đông 2 cửa kính nhỏ dạng đúng model KF25-2G
Unlike residential refrigerators, industrial refrigerators are used for business purposes. The device is capable of preserving a large amount of food to ensure the operation and service of guests at restaurants and hotels.
And yet, the needs of seasonal food preservation are also well met by industrial cabinets. As a result, restaurants and hotels can “please” diners with delicious dishes even out of season.

Different in size and design

Because it only serves the needs of storing food for the family, the civil cabinet has a small capacity. Refrigerators usually have a standing shape, combining 2 compartments – Freeze – Cool to preserve both long-term and short-term stored foods.

Tủ Đông Dạng Đứng
Tủ Đông Dạng Đứng
Particularly for industrial refrigerators, most designs have a large capacity, providing large food storage space. This is also quite understandable because restaurants and hotels serve a large number of customers.
In addition to vertical industrial refrigerators, industrial freezer tables are also popular in many restaurants and hotels. Because they allow the chef to prepare right on the surface.

Large capacity industrial freezer

Whether it is an industrial freezer, a table-top industrial refrigerator or a residential refrigerator, the common role is to preserve food at low temperatures to prolong its shelf life. The difference is that industrial cabinets store large amounts of food.
Moreover, the device often opens and closes the wings, causing loss of cold heat. Therefore, the capacity of industrial refrigerators is also much stronger than that of household refrigerators.

Notes when using industrial refrigerators

Should an industrial freezer be used immediately after purchase? How often should the device be cleaned? Here are some tips for efficient use and prolonging the life of your machine:

bàn đông công nghiệp
bàn đông công nghiệp
  • Choose a place to place the cabinet flat, not wet.
  • Place the cabinet on a flat surface for the gas to stabilize for 4-24 hours.
  • Clean the outside and inside of the cabinet before use.
  • Ensure a stable power source for the device to operate properly.
  • Start the refrigerator before putting food in it.
  • Do not pack foods so tightly that the cold air does not circulate evenly.
  • Always make sure the door of the refrigerator is closed to avoid loss of cold heat, both food spoilage and energy consumption.
  • Users regularly clean the refrigerator. Particularly for the outdoor unit, it is necessary to clean periodically every 2-3 months.

Where to buy good quality industrial refrigerators, reasonable prices?

Hopefully the information in the above article has helped you have the most objective view of industrial refrigerators. Hope you will make the most accurate, correct and cost-effective choice of kitchen equipment for your business unit.

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